Who Am I ?

I’m Steve Harwood, Cloud Architect primarily focusing around the Microsoft Stack (Azure/365), however I keep hearing rumours that other vendors/clouds do exist 😉 – so I aim to keep abreast of all of this within the Enterprise .

My recent experience in the last 3-4 years has been in delivering cloud transformations, migrating organisations away from traditional “fixed” on-premises infrastructures and applications to modern cloud services. So, if you have any questions in this space, please feel free to drop me a note!

Working for a Microsoft partner, my job generally involves working with our customers to help and advise them on their journey to the Microsoft Cloud. Whether that organisation wants to reduce their on-premises infrastructure reliance through the move to Azure IaaS, right through to organisations looking to make use of modern services available in Azure PaaS to transform their applications as part of a digital transformation strategy. I use my expertise to help them make the right choice for their specific business drivers and goals. Alongside offering consulting advice, I also engage to produce designs/architectures and work with our customers in executing their migrations.

In tandem with the above, I’m a big believer that technology should not be implemented “just because”. Technology is an enabler to business change and should be delivered in line with business requirements. Delivered correctly and in collaboration with your users/business it can provide tremendous success and truly provide a competitive edge in whatever sector that organisation is working in. You only need to look at Kraft vs Walmart to understand what happens when organisations do and don’t transform in line with the technology on offer 🙂

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with a huge selection of customers in multiple industries; retail, manufacturing, public sector, motorsport, facilities management and more. I enjoy understanding the different challenges these industries faced and help to advise and work with these organisations to gain a competitive edge through technology. Technology is always on the move, even more so in the new cloud world – and the only sure fire definitive statement is that technology will be the key driver behind Industry 4.0 – to empower people and organisations to achieve success.

Outside of work I’m a sports fan, particularly football :- – with Stoke City… you’ve probably heard of them, given they’re in the premiership 😉 I also love snowboarding although I’m pretty naff, it’s great being out in the mountain and enjoying a bit of Après.

Please feel free to follow me on this Blog, or Twitter (@steeveeh) – majority of my focus is in the Microsoft Stack. I also attend MS focused user groups, events, etc. so hope to see you around some time!