Azure Useful Links

The following are a collection of useful Azure related resources:

  • Microsoft Azure Enterprise Scaffold
    • Starting your Azure journey from stable foundations is critical to ensure success. Elements such as security, governance and appropriate architecture are all important to ensure any services or applications you deploy on the platform are built upon best practices.
  • Build your cloud on correct foundations
    • In support of the above Scaffolding recommendations, here is an excellent blog post detailing why you should consider this as a foundational requirement ahead of deploying any new services
  • Azure Services Naming Conventions
    • A good set of naming conventions when creating your resources in Azure. Remember, even the simple deployment of a VM creates several underlying resources (e.g. VIPs, NICs, Storage, etc.) – therefore making sure you have a good naming convention and standard in place ahead of time is key
  • Azure Services – Interactive Website
    • The following interactive website contains all Azure services, allowing you to drill down and access information about each one! A great resource to review Azure, ‘at a glance’.
  • Azure Pricing Calculator
    • Cloud is all about operational expenditure, and the Azure Pricing Calculator makes it really simple to get RRP based costs for all your Azure resource types ahead of deployment. This is excellent for allowing organisations to budget accordingly!
  • Azure Official Blog
    • The Azure blog contains all of the upcoming, preview and released features, as well as general information about what is going on in the Azure platform. A great resource to keep up to date, and one you should bookmark and review regularly!
  • Azure Updates and Releases
    • Tied into the above website, this updates and releases page is more focused on releases rather than including general information. This is a great resource if you need to know specifically about new updates/features/deprecation, etc.
  • Microsoft Azure Documentation
    • The core Azure documentation portal which contains all Azure related documentation for all services. A must-have when deploying new solutions to Azure.
  • Azure Reference Architectures
    • A list of all reference architectures, e.g. for VM workloads, typical network setups as well as identity solutions